16 Team Tournament. Winning Team Gets A Title Shot.

GWF CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE NOTE: Because of injuries he suffered at the hands of Wolf and Proteus, Massacre, who is one half of the Tag Team Champions will be out of competition for a few months. Therefore we have stripped Brute and Massacre of the Galaxian Tag Team Championship and we now declare them vacant. They were to defend the titles against Wolf and Proteus on this night, but will not. Because of their actions, it has been decided that Wolf and Proteus have been stripped of their #1 contender status and must now enter the 16 team tournament. The tournament will now decide the new GWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Upon Massacre’s recovery, whenever that is, he and Brute will receive a title shot against whatever team holds the belts. Also due to Exo-King’s injuries he and Bishop Hell have vacated their spot in the tournament, which has now been given to Wolf and Proteus. Bishop Hell will now team with Thantos as his partner, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is currently touring in another system.

Ghengis Kahn & Invincible Krakan d. Spike & The Creeper by DQ when a fierce brawl, started by Spike, erupted at ringside

The Bomb Squad d. Thantos & Bishop Hell by DQ when another fierce brawl ignited at ringside

Killer Queen & Death Knight d. Titan Power by DQ when Lord Nexus refused to listen to the referee while climbing the turnbuckle

Massif & Mesmer d. Norse Gods by count out when Man Mountain couldn’t re-enter the ring after a piledriver on the concrete

Savage Beauty d. Splatter & Mutant by DQ when Splatter body slammed Vanity outside the ring

Wolf & Proteus d. Beast-Rider & Pulsar by pinfall after Proteus gave Beast Rider and impressive overhead toss

The Animal Pack d. Cold Blooded Killers by DQ when Reptillo slammed Battering Ram outside the ring

The Henchmen d. Star Warrior & Omega by DQ when Omega was disqualified for brawling with Comrade Terror outside the ring.


The Bomb Squad d. Ghengis Kahn & Invincible Krakan by DQ when Krakan got caught trying to make the save for Khan who was being pinned

Killer Queen & Death Knight d. Massif & Mesmer by DQ when Massif would not stop mauling Killer Queen at ringside

Savage Beauty d. Wolf & Proteus by DQ when Proteus slammed Renegade’s head into the steel ringpost

The Animal Pack d. The Henchmen by pinfall after Badger delivered a viscious Ani-Men Axe Handle to Executioner.


Killer Queen & Death Knight d. The Bomb Squad by submission when Death Knight gives Adam Blast the Death Ride

The Animal Pack d. Savage Beauty by DQ when an eager to get to the finals Renegade slams Battering Ram into the ringpost.


The Animal Pack d. Killer Queen & Death Knight by pinfall when Badger hits Killer Queen with a picture perfect cross body block to claim the vacant Galaxian Tag Team Championship

I don’t know if the Championship committee knew what it was doing when it decided to have this tournament. What this night became was a bloody battle between 16 teams to become the champions. Wrestlers were trying to do ANYTHING they could to win. Out of the 15 matches we saw this evening, only 4 ended in usual match manners. Of the other 11, one ended in a count out, the other 10 were DQ’s. Shows that everyone wanted to be #1 and was willing to do ANYTHING to get there.

In the end it was the ANI-MEN (Incredible Badger and Battering Ram) who claimed the gold. Not bad for a team that hasn’t even been in residence in the GWF for a year. They had better not celebrate too hard though as they’ll have their first title defense at INVASION and it looks like they will be taking on the still #1 contenders, but extremely frustrated, Wolf and Proteus. Next month will be incredible.