2088.12 – GWF BETRAYAL

January 9, 2088
Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

32 Man Single Elimination Tournement. Winner gets a title shot.

Spike d. Executioner by pinfall via the Super Blaster

Wolf d. Massacre by pinfall after a missed Death Jump – Wolf and Proteus attacked Massacre afterwards. Massacre was taken from ringside on a stretcher. It didn’t look good for the tag team champion. Doctors initial report is that he’ll be out for 10 cards. More info to come, especially seeing as next month is the tag team event and he’s supposed to defend his title in a rematch against Wolf and Proteus.

Splatter d. Vanity by pinfall after the Hatchet Job

Brute d. Death Knight after a vicious knife edge – Brute was visibly upset at what had happened to his partner earlier.

Invincible krakan d. Lord Nexus by DQ when Lord Nexus was DQ’d for brawling outside the ring

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine d. Battering Ram by submission with his trademark Figure Four Leg Lock

Mesmer d. Beast-Rider by submission via The Blackout

Exo-King d. Pulsar by submission with the Death Vise

Actagon d. The Creeper by submission after locking him in the Grecian Sleeper

Adam Blast d. Omega by pinfall after a piledriver

Commander Sam d. Billy Jo Boxer by DQ after Boxer slammed him into the ringpost

Bishop Hell d. Ghengis Khan by pinfall after the Bishop Blast

Thantos d. Reptillo by pinfall after a shoulder breaker

Comrade Terror d. Mutant by pinfall after a reverse knife edge

Incredible Badger d. Proteus by pinfall after a Death Dive.

Wolf d. Spike by DQ after Spike gave Wolf a vicious piledriver on the arena floor

Renegade d. Splatter by submission with the Spine Cracker

Invincible Krakan d. Brute by submission with the Krakan Skullcrusher

Mesmer d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine by pinfall after an eyeblinder

Exo-King d. Actagon by submission with the Death Vise

Commander Sam d. Adam Blast by Pinfall after a Sam’s Slam – The two friends shook hands after a well fought match.

Bishop Hell d. Thantos by pinfall after a piledriver

Incredible Badger d. Comrade Terror by DQ after Terror slammed Badger into a ringpost


Wolf d. Renegade by submission with the Savage Face Claw

Mesmer d. Krakan by pinfall after and Eye Blinder

Commander Sam d. Exo-King by pinfall after Sam dodged a running charge and King slammed into the turnbuckle – Adam Blast came out and the two laid down a severe beating to Exo-King, injuring him for 4 cards!

Bishop Hell d. Incredible Badger by pinfall after a Bishop Blast

Mesmer d. Wolf by submission after slapping on The Blackout.

Commander Sam d. Bishop Hell by pinfall after a skullcrusher

Mesmer d. Commander Sam by Submission via The Blackout to win the match and the tournament – The next time the Heavyweight Champion defends his title after tonight, he will face Mesmer.

Star Warrior d. Killer Queen by pinfall after a brutal series of combo punches to retain his heavyweight title belt

An amazing night to start off a great year of GWF action. No word yet on what the championship commitee has decided in regards to Massacre’s injuries. Massacre and his partner Brute were slated to defend their titles in a rematch against Wolf and Proteus next month at CIVIL WAR, but that is up in the air now as Wolf and Proteus severely injured Massacre. We hope to have word in a few days regarding this situation.

Mesmer gave a stunning performance tonight wrestling through 5 greuling matches to win the tournement. He will get his shot at Star Warrior at INVASION in two months.

Star Warrior once again proved his worth as champion, soundly beating Killer Queen in a great match. He, like all the other GWF superstars now looks to refine their Tag Team skills for CIVIL WAR which happens next month.