2087.10 – THE CALM

Live from the GWF Arena, Saturn!

Bishop Hell d. Incredible Badger via DQ after Battering Ram interferes

Death Knight d. Reptillo via DQ after Reptillo slams Death Knight on the arena floor outside the ring

Spike d. Billy Jo Boxer via pinfall via SUPER DESTROYER

Pit Viper d. Splatter via DQ when Splatter refuses to bring the action back inside the ring

Invincible Krakan & Ghengis Kahn d. Beast-Rider & Pulsar via countout when Ghengis Kahn is able to beat Pulsar back into the ring to beat the 10 count

GLADIATORS (Brute & Massacre) d. Massif & Commander Sam via DQ when Massif tries to make a pin save

Exo-King d. Lord Nexus via submission with the DEATH VISE.  Adam Blast again interferes against Exo-King.

THE HENCHMEN (Comrade Terror & Executioner) d. NORSE GODS (Man-Mountain & Lightening) via pinfall when Comrade Terror hits Man-Mountain with the ATOMIC WARHEAD

Actagon d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine via DQ when Valentine ignores the ref and smashes Actagon outside the ring

Wolf & Proteus d. Vanity & Renegade via submission when Wolf caught Vanity with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW. Wolf and Proteus retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.  Brute again interfered in this match angering Wolf.

Killer Queen d. Star Warrior via submission with CHECKMATE to become the NEW GALAXIAN CHAMPION