2087.09 – REVENGE

Live from the GWF Arena, Uranus!

Executioner d. Billy Jo Boxer via pinfall after choking him on the ropes

Lord Nexus & Pit Viper d. Brute & Spike via pinfall when Lord Nexus smashes Spike with a deathjump

Death Knight d. Mesmer via pinfall with a sunset flip

Ghengis Kahn & Invincible Krakan d. Commander Sam & Massif via DQ when Commander Sam enters the ring to make a pin save

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine d. Exo-King via countout when Adam Blast appears and smashes Exo-King at ringside

Vanity & Renegade d. Beast-Rider and Pulsar via pinfall when Vanity smashed Beast Rider with a flying fist and The Creeper stopped Pulsar from making the save

Massacre d. Killer Queen via pinfall after a running clothesline

Wolf & Proteus d. Thantos & Comrade Terror via pinfall to retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. Brute interferes again in this match and Wolf clobbers him and slaps on the SAVAGE FACE CLAW.

Star Warrior d. Actagon via pinfall with the NOVA LAUNCH to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP