2087.08 – AVALANCHE

Live from GWF Arena, Pluto!

Massif & Commander Sam d. Death Knight & Executioner via pinfall when Massif hits Executioner with the VOLCANIC DROP

Invincible Krakan & Ghengis Kahn d. Lord Nexus & Pit Viper via pinfall when Krakan covers Pit Viper after a FALLING FACE SLAM

Vanity & Renegade d. Thantos & Comrade Terror via DQ when Comrade Terror knocks Renegade into a ring post

Massacre d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine via pinfall after a Massacre Slam

Killer Queen d. Exo-King via submission with CHECKMATE

Wolf & Proteus d. Beast-Rider & Pulsar via DQ when The Creeper interfered.  Brute interfered in this match as well.  Wolf & Proteus retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

Star Warrior d. Actagon via pinfall after the NOVA LAUNCH to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION