2139.521 – Brymstone Brawl

Card 2139.521 – Brymstone Brawl from Lava Ruins, Brymstone, Betelgeuse, Orion.

In a historic moment, Lord Nexus struck a deal with Deva to allow Special Stipulation matches to return to the GWF.  Nexus had argued that not only were special stipulation matches part of the very fabric of the GWF, they also helped settle issues between wresters.  Nexus suggested that a one night event happen with all special stipulation matches.  Deva relented but on two conditions…One, due the violence and gore that would no doubt occur on the show, the show would not be broadcast.  It could be holo-recorded and sold later but no footage would be broadcast through the regular GWF channels in order to prevent upsetting the sponsors.  Two, it must take place on Brymstone.  “Those heathens thrive on violence so the only way to profit from a show we can’t broadcast is to have a guaranteed sell-out and we’ll get one on Brymstone.”  And thus…the Brymstone Brawl was born!

Hardcore Titan Death Match
Lord Nexus d. Invincible Krakan via a TITAN DROP – ★★★★ – What a match!  A hardcore bloody brawl between these two legends!  Krakan was shocked at what Nexus had left in the tank and the Titan pulled off an incredible come from behind victory.

Castor Chain Match
Hyla d. Bulldoze  after touching all four corners after hitting LOW TIDES – ★★★ – This was amazing!  Hyla attacked Bulldoze from the opening bell and did not let up!  The crowd was on their feet as Hyla dragged Bulldoze from corner to corner!  Aethran Soldier A-14 was about to storm the ring and prevent Hyla from getting the win, when Flounch appeared at ringside and flitted about in her face distracting her!  Huge win for Hyla!

Cygnus Adamantium Fists Match
Zulfiqar d. Nosfera via knock out after Will of Zulfiqar – ★★★★1/2 – Both men were bloodied in this wild one and it could have gone either way.  Both men were injured as a result of this match. Zulfiquar for 2 cards.  Nosfera for 4.

Interplanetary Championship #1 Contender
Last Man Standing Match
The Basilisk d. Grand Master after Cry of the Basilisk – ★★★★1/2 – Another completely brutal match leaving both men injured. Grand Master will be out for 2 cards.  The Basilisk for 4.

Barbed Wire Cosmic Cage Match
Titan Samurai squashed Castilex when Kenji escaped the cage after ramming Moog’s head into the barbed wire in the opening seconds of the match (snake eyes) – SQUASH – Another big win for the Titans tonight.  This should put them in the number one contenders spot.

Brymstone Burning Match
Fist d. Shayne via Lightning Assault – ★★★★1/2 – This one was brutal.  Shayne was in control most of the match, but missed a death jump and Fist pounced!  After the bell, Fist ground his opponent’s face into the barbed wire and  stood tall as he was attended to by medics.  The Brymstone crowd loving every minute of it.  Shayne was injured and will be out for 5 cards.

Promoter note: I’m not one for “Hardcore” wrestling but this was a hell of a fun card to roll out.  The opener was…legendary!!  I had started filming it to post on my channel but I lost my voice the other day and just decided to roll one out for myself.  So happy I did.  This was a special card and sometimes you just gotta roll out a card for you.