Card 2139.522 from Many Moons Fieldhouse, Elara Moon, Jupiter.

Deva announced that The Basilisk is still the #1 Contender to the Interplanetary Title but Tempest MUST defend the title tonight against Tarval the Trapper.

Apex & Siege d. The Natives in there debut when Apex covered Ygorr after a Ballistic Head Butt – SQUASH – In their debut as a team, Apex and Siege worked together perfectly.  This could spell trouble for the tag team division.  They were accompanied to the ring by Aethran Soldier M197.  The three of them were an impressive sight.

Taichi d. Nakano Takeko via DQ when Burning Man interfered to break up a pinfall attempt – ★1/2 – Nakano still winless as 2139 draws to a close.  It seems week after week, Burning Man and Krakan grow more impatient with Nakano’s performance.

Saber d. Istar thanks to Krakan rushing the ring and hitting Istar with LAST MAN STANDING – ★★ – After the bell, Krakan floored Lord Nexus with a big boot and then Krakan and Saber began to beat down Istar until Titan Samurai made the save.  Istar was taken out on a stretcher and will miss 4 cards.

Freedom Fighter d. Titan Power via INDEPENDANCE DAY – ★★★1/2 – Deva has been trying to get Freedom Fighter to join Showstopper in New Vibe, Freedom Fighter has flat out refused.  She sent Titan Power after him but the Titan came up short tonight.  Deva is not happy.

Quagmire d. Demon Godsend via DELUGE (+3) – ★★★1/2 – Hard hitting match between these two giants.  The action spilled in and out of the ring.  Quagmire proved to be too strong for Demon Godsend, even with interference by Vizir.  Quagmire still refuses to let Flounch accompany him to the ring.  In fact, rumors are that Quagmire is trying to get Tempest to get rid of Flounch arguing that ‘no one will take the Ani-Men seriously if our manager is a sea horse!’

Military Force d. Chameleon Creatures  when Murtak covered Chameleon Creature Black Death after OBLITERATION – ★1/2 – Wow!  Military Force wrestled a heck of a match here!  They cut the ring in half and used repeated double team moves (Double Team Chart) to get the win!  After the bell, Murtak demanded a title shot!

In the Main Event, Tarval the Trapper d. Tempest via DQ when Tempest lost his temper and whipped Tarval into a riposte outside the ring – ★★★★1/2 – Incredible match!  Tempest dominated and even fought off Orrus who was at ringside, but then Tarval started making a comeback and kept throwing Tempest to the arena floor.  Tempest lost his temper and whipped Tarval into a ring post and the ref called it.  The two brawled after the bell as Flounch flew around Orrus’ head to keep him from joining the fray.  Tempest retained the title.