2139.520 – Rings of Destruction

Card 2139.520 – Rings of Destruction from Deimos Intergalactic Arena.

Storm d. Hyla via Aehtran Hammer – ★★1/2 – Bulldoze interfered in this one and after the match, Hyla challenge the Aethran to a one on one battle!  Highlight of the match was Aethran Soldier A14 attempting to catch Flounch to prevent him from interfering.  She was unable to do so.

Apex d. Exo-King (II) via APEX OF GLORY – ★★1/2 – A strong showing by the returning Gladiator who was accompanied to ringside by Aethran Soldier M187.  Of note, the Gladitars have made no comments about their return.  Letting their in ring actions speak for themselves.

Bulldoze d. Catfight with a blatant choke – ★★★★1/2 – Catfight brought the fight to the big Gladiator who came to ringside with Aethran Soldier A14. Hyla came out to back up Catfight and even the odds.

Zulfiqar d. Nosfera via DQ due to Nosefra ignoring the ref’s warnings on brawling outside the ring – ★★ – The fans knew this one would be wild and it did not disappoint!  That it ended in a DQ was not a surprise at all.  Security was called to break these two up.  The fans voiced their displeasure!  Pressure is mounting for Deva to reinstate special matches.

Titan Samurai d. Castilex via DQ when Sentinel smashed Azura with Vizir’s cudgel – ★★★1/2 – This match was everything the fans had hoped for despite the DQ finish.  Security again was called to ringside to break the four men up.  After the ringside area was cleared, Lord Nexus told Gryt he would be putting a proposal about reinstating stipulation matches in front of Deva in the morning.

Fist d. Shayne via DQ when Shayne whipped the Aethran into a turnbuckle post at ringside – ★★★★ – Fist was actually running from Shayne when the DQ happened.  Shayne was dominating Fist and the action spilled outside the ring.  Fist gloated that he’d done as he’d said he was going to do and prevented Shayne from getting a victory.  Sheen didn’t look too upset.  Has Shayne gotten over his ‘trepidation’ in fighting Fist?  He certainly dominated here.

Killer Queen (II) d. Scorn via Killed By The Queen to become the new GALAXIAN WOMEN’S CHAMPION – ★★★★1/2 – Match of the night and possibly the year!  Both fought hard and Killer Queen finishes the journey she started at The Reckoning.  The two shook hands after the match.