2139.519 – The Reckoning – Night 4

Card 2139.519 – The Reckoning – Night 4 from the Antilles Air Dome, Antilles.

Invincible Krakan d. Havoc via DQ due to brawling out the ring – ★★★

Saber d. Invincible Krakan via SABER CHOP – ★★ – Great brawl between these two.

Burning Man d. Saber via EXHAUSTION (+2) – ★

Burning Man d. Musck via DQ after Musck smashed Burning Man with the staff on his spear – ★★1/2

Burning Man d. Quagmire via Toxic Inhalation – ★★1/2 – Great match against these two rivals.

Shayne d. Burning Man when Burning Man set the refs shirt on fire with a shove – ★★ – Halfway through this match, Aehtran Soldiers surrounded the ring.  They didn’t attack anyone but as Burning Man and Shayne looked around at them, a transporter beam appeared behind Shayne and there stood Fist!  Shayne and Fist stood eye to eye until the ref ordered Fist and the soldiers to leave.  The match continued.

Perfect Specimen d. Shayne via DQ when the ref caught Shayne using Frontier Justice – ★★ – After the bell, the Aethran Soldiers and Fist returned.  Fist walked up to Shayne and said, “You’re trying to get to 100 wins.  You have two left to go.  I’m going to make sure you never get there.”  With this, Fist decked Shayne and the transmission from the building was cut.

Reckoning MVP – Burning Man (3 wins)