2139.518 – The Reckoning – Night 3

Card 2139.518 – The Reckoning – Night 3 from Icarus Spectrum, Earth.

Headliners d. The Natives via DQ when Vizir interferes to break up a pinfall – ★★★★

Headliners d. Military Force when Show Stopper covers Murtak after a TRIPLE SOMERSAULT – ★

Headliners d. Evolved via DQ when Tarval is disqualified for choking Show Stopper with his net – ★★

Headliners d. Castilex when Show Stopper pinned Moog after a Straddle Whip – ★★★

Headliners d. Castilex when Mr. Everything hit Azuma with a missile dropkick to the back – ★★

Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Headliners d. Chameleon Creatures when Mr. Everything hits Chameleon Creature Black Death with a dropkick to the back – ★★★★ – Headliners are the new Galaxian Tag Team Champions.

A record breaking run for Headliners! Without a doubt the MVP’s of the night, setting the new record a 6 wins in a Reckoning. Also, never before has a tag team gone from the first match to the last and won the titles! Deva was very, very happy.

Other Notes

– Deva had beefed up security tonight and there was no show closing run in by The Gladiators.

– Rumor has it that Lord Nexus has come up with a proposal for Deva in order to reinstate special stipulation matches to the GWF.

MVPs – Headliners (6 wins)