2139.517 – The Reckoning – Night 2

Card 2139.517 – The Reckoning – Night 2 from Luna Auditorium, Earth’s Moon.

Exo-King II d. Faller via Liberation Lance – ★1/2

Exo-King II d. Demon Godsend via DEATH VISE – ★★★★

Exo-King II d. Titan Power via King Clothesline – ★★★1/2

Exo-King II d. Istar via King Clothesline – ★1/2

Freedom Fighter d. Exo-King II via Live Grenade – ★★1/2

Freedom Fighter d. Nosfera via DQ when Nosfera whipped Freedom Fighter into the announce table – DUD

Grand Master d. Freedom Fighter via Immaculate Enzuigiri – SQUASH

Grand Master & The Basilisk ended in a DOUBLE COUNTOUT due to Cry of the Basilisk – ★★★★1/2 – What a brawl up to the finish!  Both combatants were bloody and they brawled each other to the back!

Tempest came ringside to express his disappointment in not being able to defend the Interplanetary Championship due to the ending of the last match.  As he spoke with Gryt, the ringside area was suddenly flooded with Aethran Soldiers who prevented Tempest from leaving ringside!  Tempest prepared for a fight when suddenly a beam of light transported APEX behind the champion!  Tempest spun to face him as the transmission feed from the venue was cut!  Are the Gladiators back?  Is Apex with them?!–

Reckoning MVP – Exo-King II (4 wins)