Card 2139.514 from Dione Saturndome, Saturn.

Shayne d. Titan Power w/ Deva with SHOWDOWN – ★½ – Shayne wasted no time in crushing Titan Power as he marches towards 100 wins. Deva was not happy.

Headliners d. The Natives when Show Stopper pinned Krud after a TRIPLE SOMERSAULT – ★ – Mr. Everything and Show Stopper looked good and Deva was happy but many are waiting to pass judgement when they tackle a competitive tag team.

Zulfiqar d. Nosfera via DQ when Nosfera smashed Zulfiquar with a chair in a Grudge Match – DUD – After the bell, Nosfera continued to attack the fallen Zulfiqar and when security finally intervened, Zulfiqar appeared to be injured. Despite mounting pressure, Deva refuses to allow ‘special matches.’ The fans and many wrestlers are starting to get restless.

Lady Grand Master d. Bloody Marry with HEROINE’S JOURNEY in an incredible match – ★★★★½

Demon Godsend & Exo-King II brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – DUD

Kenji d. Saber with JUSTICE in a lighting quick Grudge Match – SQUASH – Invincible Krakan who was at ringside was furious and after the bell he tackled Lord Nexus so Saber could attack Kenji from behind! Kenji was injured in the brawl.

In the Main Event, Chameleon Creatures d. Military Force when Chameleon Creature Future Shock pinned Tharkas after UNIVERSE SHATTERED to win the Galaxian Tag Team Championship – ★★ – We have new champs! Krakan who accompanied Military Force to ringside left in disgust.