Card 2139.515 from Tethys Sports Center, Saturn.

Purge d. Lady Grand Master via corner catapult drop – ★★★★1/2 – Incredible match here as Purge pulls out a solid win.  Vizir says that Purge will win The Reckoning.

Istar d. Titan Power with the NECK SNAP SUPLEX out of nowhere – ★★1/2 – The New Vibe continues to falter!  Istar with a great come from behind victory.  Deva was furious with Titan Power.

Quagmire d. The Basilisk via DELUGE – ★★1/2 – Tempest is still hoping that The Basilisk will join The Ani-Men and sent Quagmire to convince him.  After the match, The Basilisk swatted away Quagmire’s outstretched hand and left through the crowd.

Burning Man d. Freedom Fighter via the Burning Face Claw – ★★★★1/2 – Heck of a match.  Burning Man picks up a victory heading into The Reckoning.

Castilex d. Military Force via DQ when Tharkas smashes Moog with I Speak My Mind and the ref calls it – ★ – Castilex looking to defeat the former champs to get a title shot.  They got the win but it is a DQ victory.  On the Military Force side, Murtak actually started the match on big offense against Moog and when he tagged out Tharkas couldn’t keep the offense up!  Murtak blamed Tharkas for the loss saying, “I served him up on a platter for you!”

In a Grudge Match, Saber d. Azuma with a SABER CHOP – ★★★★ – After the bell, Lord Nexus and Kraken came to blows to the delight of the crowd!  Will we finally see these two in the ring against each other?  Stay tuned!

In the Main Event for the Galaxian Championship, Perfect Specimen d. Musck with a knee drop bulldog to become the new Galaxian Champion – ★★★ – Perfect Specimen ends Musck’s title reign at 15 cards!  Lord Nexus was furious at the interference by Exo-King II during the match and denounced their, “Retain the title by any means” attitude.