Card 2139.513 from Northern Cross Auditorium, Cygnus.

Hyla d. Nakano Takeko via HIGH TIDES – ★★★½ – Burning Man had accompanied Nakano to the ring to try and help ensure victory but it was not to be. Nakano has had no luck so far in 2139. Flunch got involved at one point but gave Burning Man a wide berth.

Kenji d. Saber via DQ when Saber smashed Kenji with the hilt of his sword – ★ – The two brawled wildly after the bell.

Burning Man d. Faller via Burning Claw – SQUASH – Faller has never fallen so quickly in a match. Invincible Krakan had come to ringside to be in Burning Man’s corner and taunted Lord Nexus to get in the ring after the match. Nexus ignored him.

Nosfera d. Freedom Fighter via Panic In The Streets – ★★★★ – This was a wild one. At one point Zulfiqar appeared and attacked Nofera but the ref was able to get him to leave. Zulfiqar returned after the bell and attacked Nosfera from behind and the two brawled until Deva called security to the ring.

Castilex d. The Natives when Sentinel crushed Krud with NIGHTWATCH – SQUASH – Sentinel destroyed Krud in minutes to show the GWF that he was back from injury. After the bell, Vizir the Elder declared, “Lord Nexus! You cannot hide Titan Samurai by breaking up Titan Samurai and hiding them in singles competition. We will have our revenge.”

Havoc d. Tarval via Liberation Lance – ★★★★½ – This Grudge Match had it all as these two tore into each other. After getting involved at one point, Vizir the Elder was sent from ringside. Havoc picks up the big win.

Interplanetary Championship
Tempest d. Show Stopper via HIGH TIDES to retain the Interplanetary Championship – ★★★★½ – Deva is livid at Show Stopper’s “failure.” She warns New Vibe that things will change. Tempest picks up a solid victory in a great match with Flounch at ringside.