Card 2139.512 from Maelstrom Solarium, The Great Nebula, Orion.

Tarval picked up a DQ win over Freedom Fighter when Havoc appeared at ringside and whipped Tarval into the announce table – ★ – Freedom Fighter was not happy with Havoc’s interference.

Kralla beat Lady Grand Master with the VILLAINESS BACKBREAKER in an incredible match – ★★★★★ – One of the greatest matches in Galaxy’s Finest history!

Mr. Everything beat Grand Master with a crossface chicken wing – ★★ – Great showing by Mr. Everything here. Of note, Mr. Everything told Deva he didn’t need her to accompany him to the ring, he would instead bring a member of his harem. Deva was visibly bothered but with the match ultimately ending with a New Vibe victory, she didn’t seem to care after.

In a Number One Contenders Match, the returning Castilex made short work of the Chameleon Creatures when Sentinel used Iconoclasm on Chameleon Creature Black Death – ★★ – Castilex sets their sights on Military Force. Military Force should probably run.

Bloody Marry used the Merry Mauler to beat Killer Queen II in another amazing match – ★★★★½ – Deva was very happy for another New Vibe win.

In the Main Event, Shayne absolutely squashed Orrus with SHOWDOWN to bring the number of wins he needs for 100 to 4 – SQUASH – The fans went crazy after the pinfall and started chanting, “4! 4! 4!” Who will be the next to try to prevent Shayne from getting to 100?