Around the Galaxy with Trent Lawless

  • Since his defeat at the hands of Tempest at Inferno, Apex has not been seen. When asked about his whereabouts, Deva shrugged it off, “Don’t know. Don’t care. Losers aren’t my thing.”
  • In an GWF InfiNet exclusive, Lord Nexus told Gryt that he had formally withdrew Titan Samurai’s long standing bid for a Galaxian Tag Title shot. When questioned as to why, he said, “The Titans can see what’s happening in the GWF. The war for Castilex, Deva and The New Vibe, it’s all static. The Titans are about to cut through that static.”
  • In another InfiNet exclusive, Interplanetary Champion Tempest said that he knows he now has a target on his back. Rolling his eyes he said, “While I appreciate everything Flounch does for the Ani-Men team, Quagmire is going to start joining me at ringside as well to keep an eye on my back.”

Card 2139.511 from Venus Space Station Complex, Venus.

Shayne is 5 wins away from 100 wins in the GWF. He put out an open challenge to any member of the roster who thinks they can keep him from 100! This drew out Orrus who was in a surly mood after his recent losses!

Orrus. beat Shayne via DQ when the ref caught Shayne hitting Frontier Justice – ★★ – The loss didn’t seem to bother Shayne who delighted in frustrating Orrus in this match.

Invincible Krakan pinned Istar with the Invincible Clothesline – ★★★★½ – At one point, Lord Nexus charged the ring to break up a pinfall! The ref kicked Nexus from ringside. After the bell, Krakan said Nexus had an open invitation to step into the ring any time he wanted. Burning Man accompanied Krakan to the ring.

The Basilisk crushed Zulfiqar in a Grudge Match match, pinning him after a Behemoth Running Tackle – ★★★½ – This was one sided from bell to bell.

Titan Power shocked the galaxy by beating Azuma in dominant fashion – ★★★½ – Lord Nexus looked extremely frustrated with the results of this one. Deva was relieved to finally have a New Vibe win.

Chameleon Creatures beat The Natives when Chameleon Creature Future Shock pinned Ygorr after UNIVERSE SHATTERED – ★½ – Chameleon Creatures struggled a little more than they should have against The Natives. The Natives are starting to get cheers during their matches which they don’t quite know how to respond to.

Scorn beat Purge with the WESTERN LASSO to retain the Galaxian Women’s Championship in a match where no one was allowed at ringside – ★★★½ – Highly competitive match. Purge will no doubt want a rematch.