2139.510 – Inferno

Card 2139.510 – Inferno from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Grand Master used HERO’S JOURNEY to beat Orrus in a Grudge Match – ★★★ – The Liberators score big in their plan for revenge against Tarval injuring Exo-King.

Havoc gets a DQ victory over Tarval after the wild man refuses to stop choking Havoc with his net – ★ – Grand Master ran out and made the save before Havoc could suffer the same fate as Exo-King.

Quagmire destroyed Burning Man in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match in two straight falls – ★★★★

  1. Quagmire decimated Burning Man with the Marsh Mauler. During this fall, Invincible Krakan was ejected from ringside for attempting to break up a pin count.
  2. Quagmire used a vicious power slam to nearly drive Burning Man through the canvas. Flounch celebrated the win wildly.

In a match for the Galaxian Women’s Championship, Scorn beat Purge via DQ when Vizir the Elder smashed the champion with his cudgel – ★★★★½ – Scorn retains via DQ but dominated most of the match.

Deva invited Interplanetary Champion Tempest out and informed him that his match tonight would be a Non-Title match but would still fulfill his defense obligations. Tempest said, he’d defend any time against anyone, but Deva said, “It’s not always about you.”

She brought out Apex and got right in his face. “Win this match or you’re out of the New Vibe.”

Interplanetary Championship – Non-Title Match
Tempest beats Apex with HIGH TIDES – ★★ – Tempest beats Apex! Deva fumes at ringside. She reaches into her handbag and pulls out Apex’s contract and tears it up, throwing the pieces in his face! She storms away from ringside. Apex is out of New Vibe!

The Galaxian Tag Team Champions, Total Power come to ringside to the boos of the fans. Neither seem like they care much for the crowd’s reactions. Deva appears, having calmed down, and announced that she’s hand picked a tag team for Total Power’s first title defense. It is…Military Force!

The fans cry foul as Mr. Everything and Titan Power laugh in the middle of the ring. Tharkas and Murtak make their way to ringside with their usual ballyhoo.

Military Force shock the galaxy by beating Total Power when Tharkas covers Mr. Everything after OBLITERATION to win the Galaxian Tag Team Championship – ★★ – The fans cannot believe it but they love seeing New Vibe with egg on their face! Murtak faints as the title belt is handed to him. Tharkas hold Murtak’s limp hand in victory and drags him around the ring in celebration.  Deva immediately left the building.

In the Main Event for the Galaxian Championship, Perfect Specimen beat Musck via countout after Musk seemed to slip on the ring apron and take a fall to the floor – ★★★★ – After the bell, Perfect Specimen ran out to tend to Musck as medics looked him over. Musck hopped right back up to his feet moments later leading several to suspect it might have all been an act. Musck retains. Perfect Specimen gets the win.