Around The Galaxy with Trent Lawless

  • Sovereign has made it known they are no longer taking tag team bookings, they will only be wrestling as singles. Exo-King has called this a ‘strategic maneuver to deal with The Foundation’ but Vizir the Elder says it is because their team was an abject failure.
  • Coincidentally, Evolved appears to be taking some time of from tag team action after their disastrous title reign. Rumor is that Orrus is unhappy that Tarval seems to have adjusted so well to the GWF and was calling himself the leader of Evolved. Is trouble brewing.
  • Deva is still not relenting on her ‘no violent specialty matches’ ruling. Recent fan polls suggest that support for this idea is weakening. When informed of this, Deva says, “If you want violence, there’s plenty of other feds around the galaxy that use specialty matches for every single match. This is the GWF. We’re about wrestling.”

Card 2139.509 from the Nereid Starplex, Neptune.

Orrus used the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM to beat Exo-King II – ★★½ – After the bell, Tarval ran to ringside and attacked Exo-King with his net! Orrus and Vizir held back the ref while Tarval did his work. It took Grand Master and Havoc to run them off. Exo-King will be out for 4 cards due to his injury

Grand Master stayed in the ring calling out Tarval. Tarval charged his opponent and the ref called for the bell.

Grand Master picked up a DQ win over Tarval when Tarval refused to stop choking Grand Master with the net – ★★ – After the brawl, Havoc challenged Tarval to a match on the next card! Tarval agreed! Things are getting wilder here in the GWF!

Titan Samurai squeaked by Chameleon Creatures when Azuma hit Chameleon Creature Future Shock with ZENSHO – ★★★★½ – Lord Nexus was happy with the win but not with Kenji and Azuma’s performance. He said they will be training extra hard for when Castilex returns.

Purge beat Bloody Marry with BORDER PATROL – ★★★½ – Purge continues her win streak and will get a title shot against Scorn at Inferno!

Freedom Fighter beat Demon Godsend with Two-Fisted Artillery – ★★★½ – Tank with another solid win over Demon Godsend. When asked what his goals were by Gryt, Freedom Fighter replied, “I’m not sure but that Interplanetary Championship sure looks nice.”

In the Main Event, a #1 Contender Match, Perfect Specimen beat Apex with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – ★★★★ – These two a-listers beat the ever loving hell out of each other. Perfect Specimen will face Musck at Inferno!

Deva was the opposite. She got into Apex’s face and chewed him out! Shocking to see an Aethran berated as such in public.