2139.508 from Galileo Chateau, Jupiter.

The show began with Deva announcing that since there is no definitive number one contenders between Titan Samurai and Castilex, Total Power would be receiving a shot at the Galaxian Tag Team Championship tonight! This brought out Lord Nexus who argued that Titan Samurai should get the shot since Castilex and champs Evolved are on the same team! Deva told him that until Titan Samurai beat Castilex, there would be no title shot for the Titans.

Catfight won by disqualification over Bloody Marry when Marry began choking Catfight with her veil and refused to stop – ★½ – It took several referee’s to get Bloody Marry to release Catfight. Catfight was tended to by medical professionals and will need about 5 cards to recover. Bloody Marry looked pleased with herself.

Sovereign beat Military Force when Exo-King II hit Murtak with a rib crusher – ★★½ – Sovereign struggled here against two opponents they should have easily beat. Grand Master was visibly frustrated even after the win. Of note< Krakan accompanied Military Force to the ring and attempted to interfere at one point. Exo-King leveled him.

Invincible Krakan beat Faller with a Krakan Skullcrusher that he dedicated to Lord Nexus who was at ringside – ★★★★ – Nexus interfered in the match! He charged in behind Krakan and hit him with a Titan Drop. The fans loved it but it seemed to just fuel Krakan’s rage more.

In a grueling Grudge Match, Quagmire scored a victory over Burning Man with DELUGE – ★★★★½ – The bad blood continues to boil over in this feud! These two both hold a victory over each other and by the looks the two were giving each other after the bell, this isn’t over.

In a rematch from card 2139.507, Havoc beat Saber with TYRANT NIGHTMARE – ★★★★½ – These two set out to prove they are two of the very best in the GWF and they did just that. Saber lost this one but barely. It could have gone either way.

In the Main Event, Total Power beat Evolved to win the Galaxian Tag Team Championship when Mr. Everything pinned Tarval after IMPRESSIVE – ★★½ – Titan Power and Mr. Everything put on a textbook clinic on tag team wrestling. They cut the ring in half and didn’t let Tarval tag from the the opening to the closing bell. Vizir the Elder was insane be the end. Orrus, who hand’t been able to tag in left ringside without Tarval or Vizir! Deva just smiled and waved to the crowd.