Card 2139.507 from Ganymede Stadium, Jupiter.

Purge beat Taichi pretty handily with BORDER PATROL – ★★★ – The Titans vs. Foundation feud rages on. Purge dominated this one. Vizir demanded a title match for Purge after her victory here.

Zulfiqar won via disqualification over The Basilisk when the creature grabber a hover camera and used it as a weapon against the ref’s orders – DUD – On his quest to, “rid the GWF of Monsters,” Zulfiqar faces an uphill battle against the beast known as The Basilisk. And will this new goal put Zulfiqar in the crosshairs of Tempest who has been trying to recruit The Basilisk for The Ani-Men?

Chameleon Creatures beat Military Force when Chameleon Creature Future Shock covered Murtak after UNIVERSE SHATTERED – ★★½ – Another solid victory by Chameleon Creatures who are working their way up the rankings.

In a match for Rankings Standings, Saber beat Havoc via disqualification when Havoc whipped Saber into the announcer’s table at ringside – DUD – After the match, Saber told Gryt, “You’d think a former Gladiator would fight with pride, not resort to underhanded tactics. Obviously not the case with Havoc.”

Deva is still refusing to allow and violent ‘stipulation’ matches in the GWF. The feud between Apex and Shayne has caused her to modify that ruling a little. She will allow stipulations that focus on wrestling and thus tonight we’ll get a Finisher Match between Apex and Shayne!

Apex scored a huge, come from behind victory against Shayne, using APEX OF GLORY to win their Finisher Match – ★★★ – Shayne was in control the entire match until Apex saw his opening and hit his finish. After the match, Deva told Gryt, “Now that Apex done dealing with that wannabe legend, he can focus on titles.”

In the Main Event, Tempest shocked Titan Power, making him tap out to LOW TIDES to win the Interplanetary Championship – ★★★½ – The fans went crazy as Tempest ends the 22 card reign of Titan Power! To say Deva was not happy was an understatement. Tempest dedicated the win to all of Andromeda and Ani-Men everywhere in the Galaxy.