Card 2139.506 from Europa Garden, Europa, Jupiter.

In his debut, Freedom Fighter made a big comeback to beat Demon Godsend with a quick roll up – ★★ – Freedom Fighter is obviously still adjusting to working solo and had some trouble getting the win here.

Hyla beat Nakano Takeko with HIGH TIDES in a dominant victory – ★★½ – Takeko is winless so far in her career. After the match, Krakan said he will begin accompanying her to ringside to coach her.

Before this card, Deva had told Vizir that if her ‘made Exo-King II pay for interfering against Mr. Everything’ she would make it worth his while. Vizir agreed to send The Natives after Sovereign.

Sovereign struggled against The Natives but eventually beat them via disqualification when Vizir the Elder smashed Exo-King II over the head with his cudgel while he was pinning Krud – ★★½ – Exo-King quickly shook off the blow to the head and he and Grand Master chased Vizir and The Natives off after the match. The story here is more how Sovereign struggled agains The Natives. It was not a good showing.

Show Stopper struggled in his debut against Istar but was eventually able to put him away after a Dazzling Death Dive – ★★★ – Deva was not impressed with Show Stopper’s performance but was happy for the win.

In what was to be an exciting six-man tag, Titan Samurai & Lord Nexus beat Castilex & Vizir the Elder via DQ when Sentinel smashed Azuma with a chair at ringside – DUD – This devolved into a brawl after the ref called it. During the fracas, Kenji locked Sentinel in JUSTICE and refused to break the hold. When he finally did, Sentinel was injured. Lord Nexus told Gryt, “The Titans are playing anymore. We will be respected.”

In the Main Event, for the Galaxian Women’s Championship, Scorn put Kralla away with a Death Valley Driver to retain – ★★½ – After beating Scorn via disqualification on card 503, Kralla had asked to make this match a Titan Death Match. Deva refused saying, “Stipulation matches like that drive off advertisers with the blood and violence. The GWF is about wrestling. Wrestle.” This did not sit well with Kralla and reports say many in the locker room are growing tired of this rule carried over from last year.