Card 2139.505 from Tethys Sports Center, Saturn.

In a rematch, Shayne defeated Apex via disqualification when the ref spotted Deva slipping a foreign object to Apex – ★
Deva was livid with the ref after the match and threatened to fire her. Shayne stood up for her and chased Deva and Apex out of the ring.

Purge got revenge over Lady Grand Master, beating here with BORDER PATROL – ★★★ – Purge fared much better here than last time. Vizir the Elder praised Purge, telling Gryt, “She focused herself on studying tapes of her opponent, something she will continue to do as she strives for her goal of willing the Galaxian Women’s Championship.”

In a Number 1 Contender’s Match for a shot at the Galaxian Tag Team Championship, Titan Samurai beat Castilex via disqualification when Moog stormed the ring to break up a pin count when Azuma had Sentinel covered – ★ – The Titans win the match but will they get their title shot due to the DQ victory? We will see. An argument between the four men broke out after the match. One where Lord Nexus and Vizir the Elder got involved. Security was able to calm it down before it came to blows.

Saber beat Faller with the SABER CHOP in a wild match that saw Lord Nexus ejected from ringside – ★★★½ – Nexus had been trying to steal Saber’s sword so he couldn’t use it to his advantage. The ref saw him with the sword and threw him out! Faller, distracted by all this, fell easily to Saber. After the match, Saber told Gryt, “If Nexus wants this sword so bad, he can step into the ring with me and try to take it!”

Burning Man beat Quagmire in a rematch, making him submit to the Burning Face Claw – ★★★½ – After the match, Burning Man refused to let go of the claw, but Tempest ran to ringside and chased him off before any serious damage could be done.

In a match for the Galaxian Championship, Mr. Everything won by disqualification over champion Musck when Exo-King II stormed the ring to break up a pin count – ★★★ – Deva, who was at ringside with one of Mr. Everything’s Harem, was furious. When asked about his actions, Exo-King II only said, “For the good of Castilex, the Galaxian Championship must remain with The Liberators. At all costs.” Exo-King II then rushed the champion from ringside.