Card 2139.504 from Phoebe Civic Arena, Saturn.

Zulfiqar used CRY “NINKARAK” to beat Nosfera in a wild match – ★★★ – After the match, Zulifqar forbade Nosfera to return to the GWF, promising dire consequences if it did.

Bloody Marry made a huge comeback to beat Killer Queen II with CONSUMATION – ★★★★½ – After the match, Deva offered Killer Queen a consolation prize…an appearance on Deva’s Spotlight! Will she accept?

Titan Samurai beat Chameleon Creatures when Kenji pinned Chameleon Creature II after One Inch Punch – ★★★½ – Chameleon Creatures looked better than they have before but the Titans are able to get the win. Lord Nexus told Gryt that they’re interested to see what happens in the Main Event tonight because they want, “whichever team that wins. Strong words from Nexus who wouldn’t usually talk about other hero teams that way.

Perfect Specimen used his PINNACLE OF SUCCESS to beat Invincible Krakan in a hard fought match – ★★ – Burning Man was ejected by the referee during the match for attempting to interfere. After the match, Perfect Specimen told Gryt, “I don’t derive pleasure from beating up and old man, but that did feel good.” He dedicated the win to Lord Nexus.

In the Main Event, a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship, Evolved beat FDF Tradition 2 falls to one to become the new Galaxian Tag Team Champions – ★★★★★ – An absolutely incredible match between two top tier teams. FDF Tradition seemed a bit off step but they fought with everything they had to retain. After the match, Show Stopper and Freedom Fighter shook hands, but left the ringside area separately. Vizir the Elder celebrated a Foundation victory and promised more titles would be coming The Foundation’s way.

Order of Falls

  1. Orrus pinned Freedom Fighter after the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM.
  2. Freedom Fighter beat Tarval the Trapper with the PEACEMAKER SLINGSHOT.
  3. Orrus put Freedom Fighter away with two UNSTOPPABLE SLAMS in a row.