Card 2139.503 from Enceladus Horizon Hall, Saturn

Vizir the Elder started the show saying that The Foundation would not rest until Musck or anyone else in The Liberators were devoid of any titles.

Lady Godsend frustrated Purge with a somersault senton – ★★½ – Vizir threw his staff down in frustration and berated Purge after the bell.

Saber beat Faller via DQ when Lord Nexus charged the ring to break up a pinfall – ★½ – Saber was seconds away from winning when Lord Nexus clobbered him with a boot to the back of the head! The fans loved it! This is an edgier Nexus than we’ve seen in recent years.

For weeks, Tempest has been trying to coax The Basilisk onto the Ani-Men team. It hasn’t been going well, so Tempest was hoping to ‘tame’ the creature in a match. His goal to make a team of The Basilisk & Quagmire!

The Basilisk fell Tempest with a Serpent Smash – ★★ – The Basilisk was not to be tamed tonight! After, Tempest told Gryt, “He may not listen to me, but he’ll listen to Quagmire!”

Castilex picked up a countout victory over Sovereign after Sentinel delivered a wicked piledriver to Exo-King II on the concrete floor – ★★½ – Vizir felt redeemed after this match and made it clear that Castilex would not allow Sovereign anywhere near the Galaxian Tag Team Championship.

In a match for the Galaxian Women’s Championship, Kralla scored a DQ victory over Scorn when the champ whipped her opponent into the turnbuckle post – ★ – Scorn retains but Kralla demanded a rematch!