2139.502 from Red Ice Arena, Mars.

The show started with The Natives in the ring and Military Force making their way to the ring. Murtak took the mic from Tharkas and said how great it was having a legend like Krakan on his team and that since he’d joined, Murtak was giving him sorts of advice on how to ‘conquer things.’ Tharkas let him ramble but didn’t look as if he agreed with the sentiment.

Military Force beat The Natives when Tharkas locked Ygorr in the Conquerer Clutch – ★ – Some impressive offense by Murtak but he stayed in the ring too long and got winded, barely making the tag to Tharkas who came in and cleaned up.

Catfight spoiled the debut of Nakano Takeko beating the newcomer with a triple butterfly suplex in minutes – ★ – Couldn’t get much of a gauge on Nakano in this match. Afterwards, Invincible Krakan explained to Gryt that she was still suffering the after effects of time travel.

Burning Man picked up a DQ victory over the debuting Quagmire when Quagmire refused to stop grinding Burning Man’s face into the guardrail at ringside – ★★½ – After the match, Quagmire told Gryt, “He’s lucky the ref called the match. -tick tick- I would have snuffed him out for good.” It should be noted that Flounch, reluctantly, accompanied Quagmire to the ring but even he seemed frightened of the monster.

Deva was out next to introduce Apex saying that he was ‘robbed’ out of his rightful shot at the Galaxian Championship. But tonight he would prove that he is next in line for the title by beating…Shayne!

Shayne used EYE 4 EYE to take out Apex in a hell of a back and forth fight – ★★★½ – Deva was beside herself with the loss. Shayne looked at her after the match and said, “Looks like I’m next in line for a shot at the Galaxian Championship.” Deva remained composed but she was seething and refused to even look at Apex after the match.

Titan Power retained the Interplanetary Championship after beating Demon Godsend with HANGING JUDGE – ★★½ – Dominant victory by the champ.

As Titan Power celebrated the defense, Deva told Gryt, “It’s nice to know that some members of the New Vibe can pull their weight. I’ll get the others in line soon enough.”