Card 2139.501 from Phobos Sundome, Mars.

Deva opened the show promising a huge announcement for the Main Event! She also congratulated new Galaxian Championship Musck and said that at the end of the night tonight, she’d be presenting him with a new Galaxian Championship.

Invincible Krakan used LAST MAN STANDING in his return match to defeat Ygorr – ★★½ – Burning Man accompanied Krakan to the ring but only stood and watched the match.

Purge beat Hyla with a frog splash – ★ – Hyla got in a little offense, but Purge was able to handle Hyla well.

Nosfera used DEMON’S BREATH to get the victory over Krud – ★★½ – The Demon is back! He had little trouble putting away Krud and even seemed to be toying with him a bit.

In a Deimos Perennial rematch, Mr. Everything beat Istar via countout after hitting a reverse neck snap on the concrete floor – ★★★ – Istar had complained he wasn’t at full strength when he and Mr. Everything met at the Perennial. He was at full strength here and didn’t fair too well.

After the match, Mr. Everything told Gryt, “Musck is a cheater and has to use illegal weapons in order to get the victory. I will be petitioning Deva to permanently ban the LOADED GLOVE!”

Deva said she’d take banning Musck’s move under advisement but it was time for her announcement! She announced that she’d signed FDF Tradition and given, “one of them, the one who could see her vision” a complete makeover! With that she announced the Galaxian Tag Team Champions: FDF Tradition – Tank and Show Stopper!

The reaction was quite mixed as FDF Tradition made their way to ringside. Tank didn’t look too happy. Show Stopper was bathing in the reaction from the crowd.

In the Main Event for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship, Evolved beat FDF Tradition when Show Stopper was disqualified for choking Orrus with his ring jacket – ★½ – Show Stopper was determined to show he now had more of an edge than ever before, tearing into Orrus and getting DQ’d shortly after the match began. FDF Tradition retain the titles.
After the match, Gryt asked Tank where Commander Sam was in all this? Tank pushed past him and left with Show Stopper trailing behind.

Deva then had the ring set up for the presentation of the new Galaxian Championship. She announced Musck but he did not come out. She announced him again but, again, nothing. Suddenly a hologram of Musck appeared above the ring.

Musck laughed, “I am the Galaxian Champion. I don’t play lap dog to anyone. Including to a glorified harlot. I will appear when I decide to appear.”

The hologram blinked out and Deva stood furious in the ring.