2139.500 – Deimos Perennial

2139.500 – Deimos Perennial from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos.

16 Man Single Elimination Tournament for the vacant Galaxian Championship


Demon Godsend toppled Titan Power via DQ after a body slam on the arena floor – ★★½ – The Interplanetary Champion’s plans to be a dual champion crash and burn in minutes.

Musck shocked the galaxy by defeating Apex using LOADED GLOVE – ★½ – Deva is furious as Apex drops to the mat in seconds after the bell! The crowd is loving it!

Faller beat Havoc in seconds with DOWN TO SIZE – SQUASH – Match of Faller’s career here! Experts think Havoc is still feeling the effects of Dark Menace’s mind control. Lord Nexus couldn’t be happier.

Zulfiqar picked up a DQ victory over Grand Master after Grand Master lost his temper and smashed Zulfiqar with his metal chest plate while battling outside the ring – ★★½

Shayne easily defeated Burning Man with a spinning heel kick – ★★½ – After the match, Shayne tells Gryt, “Monolith couldn’t face the fact that he’d have to face me for the belt so he retired. That championship is mine.”

Tempest used HIGH TIDES to beat Exo-King II in a fantastic battle – ★★★★ – Tempest said, “It’s time for a true Ani-Man to claim the greatest prize in the galaxy!” Flounch flitted around him happily.

Istar picked up a huge win against Titan teammate Perfect Specimen with the NECK SNAP SUPLEX – ★★★★½ – What a victory for the newcomer! He made a huge comeback to beat Perfect Specimen. He probably doesn’t have much left in the tank for the rest of the tournament, but this was a legendary victory! Lord Nexus declined to come to the ring for this match.

Mr. Everything beat Saber with IMPRESSIVE – SQUASH – Mr. Everything didn’t even break a sweat. Deva said, “I think we know who the odd on favorite to win this tournament is.”


Musck won one for The Liberators, beating Demon Godsend with I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – ★★★½

Zulfiqar beat Faller with Dark Night – ★★ – Zulfiqar was still feeling the effects of Grand Master’s chest plate, but was able to get the win.

Tempest beat Shayne when the ref catches Shayne hitting Frontier Justice – ★ – Shayne is out of the tournament! Things are wide open now!

Mr. Everything crushed Istar in seconds with IMPRESSIVE – SQUASH – Mr. Everything said, “With Shayne gone, there’s no competition left!”


Titan Death Match
Musck beat Zulfiqar with Musck Running Spear to advance in to the finals – ★★ – The moment the bell rang, Musck hit Zulfiqar with the Loaded Glove! Zulfiqar never recovered!

Titan Death Match
Mr. Everything was able to take down Tempest in a highly competitive match – ★★★½ – After having a cake walk most of the night, Mr. Everything had to actually wrestle to beat Tempest here.

Galaxian Championship
Titan Death Match
Musck made history by beating Mr. Everything with LOADED GLOVE and winning the Galaxian Championship – ★★★ – The night’s dark horse makes history and becomes the new Galaxian Champion! He dedicates the win to Castilex. Deva and Mr. Everything stew at ringside as Musck celebrates to the cheers of the crowd.