News Update: Monolith Retires & Vacates the Galaxian Championship!

Dateline: Deimos

GWF Commissioner Deva announced today that Galaxian Champion Monolith has suddenly and without warning, retired.  In doing so, he vacated the Galaxian Championship.  To crown a new champion, Deva has announced at 16-Man Single Elimination Tournament to be the sole focus of Card 2139.500 – The Deimos Perennial.  She announced the First Round Match ups:

Titan Power vs. Demon Godsend

Apex vs. Musck

Havoc vs. Faller

Grand Master. vs. Zulfiqar

Shayne vs. Burning Man

Tempest vs. Exo-King II

Perfect Specimen vs. Istar

Saber vs. Mr. Everything