2138. 499 – Big Bang

Card 2138.499 Big Bang from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos. Final card of 2138.

Istar used a NECK SNAP SUPLEX out of nowhere to beat Tempest – ★★★ – Fantastic match between these two newer roster members. They shook hands before. The crowd is really warming up to Istar.

Elina picked up a DQ victory over Storm when Storm clobbered her with a Rylock Rod she’d brought to ringside with her – ★ – Storm became frustrated because Elina kept rolling out of the ring during the match and decided to ‘teach her a lesson’ by smashing her with the weapon.

In a Cygnus Brass Knuckles Match, Fist beat Havoc after a running fist smash – ★★★★★ – This was a brutal match, both men were bloody at the end. Fist stood tall having taught the ‘former Gladiator’ a lesson.

Scorn used a Death Valley Driver against Bloody Marry to win the Galaxian Women’s Championship – ★★★★★ – Scorn had a dominating performance against the more powerful Bloody Marry and scored a big win! What a comeback story! This is Scorn’s 6th reign as champ.

Titan Power absolutely dominated Epoch in a Hardcore Titan Death Match for the Interplanetary Championship – ★★★½ – Titan Power absolutely shuts down Epoch in this match and proves he’s a worthy champion. The star player of New Vibe for sure.

FDF Tradition retained the Galaxian Tag Team Championship via DQ over Evolved when Tarval refused to stop choking Climber with his net – DUD – Tank and Climber were frustrated with the dirty tactics by Tarval. They’d looked to have a proper title defense. They end the year as champions none the less.

Before the Main Event, Deva announced that Shayne wanted to face Monolith in an Earth Bullwhip Match and Monolith had demanded a Castor Chain Match. Deva flipped a commemorative Adamantium credit (available at souvenir stands throughout the arena) and announced that it would be an Earth Bullwhip Match.

Monolith retained the Galaxian Championship over Shayne, beating him with CATASTROPHE in an Earth Bullwhip Match – ★★★★½ – The Champ turns back Shayne in an incredible match. Monolith heads into 2139 as the Galaxian Champion.