2138.498 – Betrayal

Card 498 – Betrayal from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos.

All matches contested under Titan Death Match rules.

First Round
Shayne absolutely destroyed Apex in minutes with EYE 4 EYESQUASH – In mere minutes, Shayne knocked any Aethran presence out of the tournament. The fans loved it.

Epoch beat HelSin with THE DARK AGE – ★★★½ – Competitive match between these two rivals. Epoch advances but he’ll be worse for wear in the next round.

Perfect Specimen used PINNACLE OF SUCCESS to beat Saber – ★★★★½ – Match of the night! These two tore into each other like never before. Perfect Specimen survived multiple SABER CHOPs and was bloody by the end but will move on to the next round.

Havoc beat Tempest with TYRANT NIGHTMARE – ★★½ – Havoc was in control from the start. Fans could tell he wanted to be the one to face Monolith.

Second Round
Shayne beat Epoch with SHOWDOWN – ★★ – For as worn out as Epoch was he was able to get in some offense against Shayne, but the Real Ordeal was not to be stopped.

Perfect Specimen made Havoc tap out with the Excellence Elbow Lock – ★★ – Perfect Specimen heads to the finals after a solid performance against Havoc.

Shayne took advantage of the Titan Death Match rules and used Frontier Justice to beat Perfect Specimen – ★★★½ – Using every trick in the book, Shayne gets the win and will head to Big Bang to face Monolith for the Galaxian Championship.

Shayne told Gryt after his victory, “If Monolith is a true Champion, he’ll face me in an Earth Bullwhip Match!” Will Monolith accept?