2138.497 – Civil War

Card 497 Civil War from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos.

Due to the injures that occurred on Card 496 – The Battle for Castilex, only 4 teams were healthy enough to compete in this year’s tournament.

All matches contested under Titan Death Match rules.

First Round
Total Power shocked Titan Samurai when Titan Power covered Kenji after HANGING JUDGE – ★ – This was close to being a squash match if not for some offense by Kenji. Azuma didn’t even tag in. Looks like the Titans will have to reevaluate their team in 2139.

Evolved bested Blood and Fire when Orrus hit Burning Man with the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – ★★ – This one could have gone either way with Blood and Fire getting an early advantage, but some mistakes by Burning Man led to an Evolved victory. Necros left ringside without Burning Man after the match.

Evolved stopped Total Power when Orrus crushed Mr. Everything with the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – ★★★ – Evolved will now head to Card 499 – Big Bang to face FDF Tradition for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship.