2138.496 – The Battle for Castilex

Card 496 from Castilex Amphitheater, Castilex.

At the start of the broadcast it was announced that Massif, Vizir the Elder and The Dark Menace, hoping to finish The Battle of Castilex once and for all, have agreed that every match would be a Barbed Wire Cosmic Cage Match! At this, fans across the galaxy readied for blood!

Catfight used FELINE FURY on Killer Queen II to escape the cage – ★★½ – Catfight brings the opening victory home for The Foundation. Killer Queen II will be out for 4 cards due to injury.

Bulldoze scores a huge come from behind victory against Lady Grand Master with a backbreaker – ★★★½ – Lady Grand Master was in control until the final seconds when her assured victory evaporated. Lady Grand Master will be out for 5 cards due to injury.

Apex absolutely crushed Vizir the Elder with APEX OF GLORY – ★★ – There was no offense here from Vizir as he quickly fell to Apex. Vizir will be out for 5 cards due to injury.

Havoc picks up the first win of the night for The Liberators, beating Moog with TYRANT NIGHTMARE – ★★★½ – Havoc looks strong in this one and is happy to score for The Liberators but fans could tell he was hoping he’d be wrestling a Gladiator. Moog will be out for 5 cards due to injury.

In the match of the night, Fist beat Exo-King II, escaping after a Gladiator Piledriver – ★★★★★ – Fist has a habit of thrilling in solo matches and this match was no exception.  Fist could be the best wrestler the Gladiators have.  Exo-King II will be out for 1 card due to injury.

Sentinel scored a big win against Grand Master after grinding his face into the barbed wire – ★★★★ – Sentinel took the fight to Grand Master and was able to secure the victory. Grand Master will be out 1 card due to injury.

In the Main Event, Monolith showed why he’s Monolith, beating Siege with I BREAK YOU, grinding his face into the barbed wire while he did – ★★★★★ – Absolutely dominant showing by the Champ. Siege will be out for 3 cards due to injury.

The Battle For Castilex Standings*
The Gladiators – 12-4
The Foundation – 5-8
The Liberators – 4-10

*Promoter Note: I’m just keeping these for fun. They have no significant meaning other than tracking which team has the most wins.