2138.495 – Retribution

Card 495 Retribution from Lynx Liar, Lyncis.

FDF Tradition captured the Galaxian Tag Team Championship, beating Total Power when Tank covered Titan Power – ★★½ – FDF Tradition wrestled smart and trapped Titan Power on their side of the ring and did not let him make a tag! After this match, many fans wondered what shape Titan Power would be in to defend the Interplanetary Championship in the main event.

Tharkas decimated Zulfiqar in a bloody and brutal Four Weapons of Destruction Match, pinning him after ONLY HUMAN – ★★★★★ – The match of Tharkas’ career! Will this end the feud between these two? By the look of Zulfiqar when the bell rang, it might be awhile before we see him again.

Bloody Marry beat Kralla with UNHOLY MATRIMONY to retain the Galaxian Women’s Championship – ★★★★ – This was a huge come from behind victory by Bloody Marry who was close to losing several times.

Monolith beat Perfect Specimen to retain the Galaxian Championship in a super competitive match – ★★★★★ – Monolith seemed distracted, possibly because of the Battle of Castilex, but eventually picked up the win to retain.

Titan Power retained the Interplanetary Championship via DQ when Epoch smashed the champ with the ring bell – ★★½ – Total Power seemed grateful for the DQ as he was struggling against Epoch after his match earlier in the evening. After the bell, Epoch vowed to get another shot at the title.