Card 2138.494 from Mimas Spectrum, Saturn.

Titan Samurai won a hard fought match against Evolved when Azuma pinned Tarval after a TITAN DROP – ★★½ – A much needed win by the Titans headed into Civil War, just a few cards away.

Taichi surprised Sinful with a quick roll up – ★★★★ – Taichi was reverting a bit to her ‘hardcore’ ways during this one. Sinful had the upper hand in the opening moments but then it became a great back and forth.

10 Man Rigel Royal Rumble
Winner gets a shot at the Interplanetary Championship
Epoch has a career making run to win – ★★★★
Order of Eliminations

  1. HelSin eliminated Tempest.
  2. Epoch eliminated HelSin.
  3. Epoch eliminated The Basilisk.
  4. Epoch eliminated Istar.
  5. Epoch eliminated Murtak.
  6. Epoch eliminated Saber.
  7. Epoch eliminated Faller.
  8. Epoch eliminated Demon Godsend.
  9. Epoch eliminated Death Knight II.

In the Main Event, Kralla beat Hyla with a CENTRA SPINEBUSTER in a Nightmare Matrix Match – ★★★ – Kralla picks up the win in a a tough match that could have gone either way. After the bell, it was revealed that Deva had promised Kralla a Title Shot against Bloody Marry is she could beat Hyla.