2138.493 – Battle of Castilex

Card 493 from Castilex Amphitheater, Castilex

Lady Grand Master beat Bulldoze via DQ when the action spilled out of the ring and Bulldoze refused to stop grinding Lady Grand Master’s face into the arena floor – ★

In a Tirion Triple Threat Match, Catfight beat Storm and Killer Queen II when she made an incredible comeback and pinned Storm with a crucifix – ★★★★

Three Team Super Battlezone Match
The Gladiators (Apex & Gladiators (Siege & Fist)) beat The Liberators (Grand Master, Exo-King II & Havoc) and The Foundation (Monolith & Castilex)

Order of Falls:
1. Grand Master shocked Monolith with a perfect cross body block – ★★★★
2. Siege beat Grand Master with Ground Attack – ★★★★
3. Siege beat Moog with AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ★★★
4. Siege beat Sentinel with AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ★
5. Siege beat Exo-King II with AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ★★★
6. Siege beat Havoc with AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ★★★

The Battle For Castilex Standings*
The Gladiators – 9-3
The Liberators – 3-6
The Foundation – 2-6

*Promoter Note: I’m just keeping these for fun. They have no significant meaning other than tracking which team has the most wins.