Card 492 from Prantares United Center, Rosette Nebula.

The show opened with HelSin calling out Shayne. Fed up with Shayne being ‘in business for himself’ HelSin’s challenged him to a match. Shayne was happy to accept.

HelSin got a DQ victory over Shayne when Shayne smashed HelSin with the bell on the end of his bull rope – DUD – It was immediately apparent Shayne only came to the ring to brawl, not wrestle and happily took the DQ loss.

After the bell, Shayne warned Helsin if he didn’t keep his mouth shut he’d get ‘more of the same and worse.’

Scorn used WESTERN LASSO to beat Sinful – ★★★ – Scorn continued her winning ways here.

FDF Tradition beat The Natives when Tank covered Krud after FDF TRADITION – ★ – Dominant victory here as FDF Tradition looks to get a high seed in the upcoming Civil War tournament.

Deva was out next and welcomed Hyla and Flounch to Deva’s Spotlight. Hyla looked as if she’d rather be anywhere else. Deva told Hyla she needed a little pizzazz and if she’d follow her guidance she’d shoot straight to the top of the GWF.

Hyla was about to answer when she was attacked from behind by Kralla! Hyla started fighting back while Deva yelled for them to stop. Security flooded the stage and separated the two women. Deva said, “You two are a real nightmare. In fact, that gives me an idea. Card 494, you two – a Nightmare Matrix Match. Winner gets a shot for the Galaxian Women’s Championship.”

Perfect Specimen used PINNACLE OF SUCCESS to take out Demon Godsend – ★★ – Perfect Specimen picks up a solid victory as we head towards the end of the year and the upcoming Betrayal tournament.

In the Main Event, a Grudge Match, Tharkas got a DQ victory over Zulfiqar when the mysterious one appeared to smash Tharkas with the hilt of his sword outside the ring – ★★ – The action spilled out of the ring, Tharkas grabbed Zulfiqar’s sword and Zulfiqar immediately grabbed hold of it as well. The two struggled back and forth while the ref tired to grab it away from both of them! The ref got knocked down and as he was distracted, Tharkas acted as if Tharkas had hit him with the hilt of the sword and the ref disqualified Zulfiqar! Zulfiqar was furious and began chasing Tharkas who bolted from ringside without getting his hand raised.