Card 491 from Phaethon Pantheon, Phaethon. August 2, 2138

The show opened with a pre-recorded video from The Dark Menace saying that the Gladiators lost the titles on purpose because they were a distraction in their Battle for Castilex.

No one was buying it.

Istar stunned Orrus with a NECK SNAP SUPLEX out of nowhere – ★ – Orrus was dominating this match when Istar hit his finisher out of nowhere. The fans are really behind this newcomer.

Tarval made Faller submit to DEATH TRAP – ★ – After the match, Tarval trapped Faller in the net and left him bound in the center of the ring. Lord Nexus ran ringside to help.

Kralla squashed Elina with a VILLAINESS BRAINBUSTER – SQUASH – A very dominant performance by Kralla. After the match Kralla told Gryt that with Epoch’s win last card and her’s here tonight, the FDF would soon be packing and leaving the GWF for good.

Zulfiqar barely beat Tharkas with CRY ‘NIKARAK’ – ★★★ – Tharkas was schooling Zulfiquar the whole match until seconds before the finish. This match had been the result of Tharkas berating Zulfiqar for being from Earth. Tharkas immediately filed a complaint with the ref saying Zulfiqar had cheated! The ref didn’t seem impressed.

In a Hardcore Titan Death Match, Blood and Fire beat Titan Samurai when Burning Man covered Kenji after EXHAUSTION (+4) – ★★★★ – This was a brutal and violent match. Azuma never got tagged in and Burning Man just dismantled Kenji!

Azuma was brawling with both Burning Man and Necros in the center of the ring as the show ended.