Card 490 from Hyades Pyramid, Taurus. July 26, 2138

Deva started the show announcing that Mr. Everything had chosen to use the title shot he’d earned by winning the Cosmic Storm Tournament on Card 488 to go for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship and that match would happen tonight.

Epoch destroyed HelSin with RETURN OF THE BEAST – ★★★ – In what many thought would be a competitive match, HelSIn was completely outmatched by Epoch. Towards the end of the match, Epoch was toying with HelSin, hitting him with move after move and not going for the pin.

Titan Samurai scored a DQ victory over Blood and Fire in a Grudge Match when Burning Man heated up a metal chair and pressed Kenji’s face into it – ★★ – Blood and Fire wanted a fight and Titan Samurai brought it to them. Blood and Fire wrestled smart and used quick tags. When the action tumbled out of the ring was when things got brutal and the ref called it after Burning Man’s heinous actions. Kenji was tended to by medics but didn’t seem to be too badly injured.

Bloody Marry regained the Galaxian Women’s Championship after she leveled Taichi with UNHOLY MATRIMONY – ★★ – Bloody Marry makes Taichi’s reign a short one. She was much more brutal in this match than we’ve seen her. She didn’t take Taichi lightly.

In a shocking turn of events, Total Power beat Gladiators (Siege & Fist) to win the Galaxian Tag Team Championship when Mr. Everything caught Siege with a missile drop kick – ★★★★★ – This was an amazing match. Every time Fist and Siege fought back, Titan Power and Mr. Everything would knock them back down. Total Power is now a dual champion, holding the Interplanetary Championship as well. The Gladiators held the titles for 51 Cards.

After the match, The Dark Menace ran ringside to argue that he should have been allowed at ringside. The official reminded him of Deva’s rules. Many fans were cheering that the titles were out of the hands of the Gladiators, but Total Power aren’t necessarily fan favorites. Huge, fans.

In the Main Event, Monolith retained the Galaxian Championship via DQ when the ref saw Shayne hitting Frontier Justice – ★★★ – This was an even match until Shayne stooped to underhanded tactics.

After the bell, Monolith grabbed the title and left. Will he give Shayne another shot?