2138.489 – Battle of Castilex

Card 489 from Castilex Amphitheater, Castilex. July 19, 2138

The show opened with a shot of the empty Castilex Amphitheater. On one side of the ring stood The Liberators team (Exo-King II, Grand Master, Havoc, Lady Grand Master, Killer Queen II) with Massif.

On the other stood The Foundation (Monolith, Castilex, Catfight) with Vizir the Elder and Maggie. The two teams glared at each other. They’d been summoned here by the GWF offices but did not know why.

Suddenly, a transporter beam filled the center of the ring and after a flash of light, The Gladiators (Apex, Gladiators (Siege & Fist), Aethran Soldier, Bulldoze, Storm) with, shockingly, The Dark Menace were present! They saw they were surrounded and got into defensive positions.

A hologram of Deva appeared on the dais. Her amplified voice demanded attention. She said that the violence brought on by the Battle for Castilex is untenable in the GWF and from now on all matches between those fighting for Castilex would be fought here. They will be broadcast, but no audiences will be allowed.

She then announced that any title currently held or gained while this Battle continues will never be defended on Castilex and champions would still have to make their scheduled defenses elsewhere in the galaxy. She also noted that a win over a champion here on Castilex meant nothing in terms of getting a title shot.

Finally she announced that GWF officials would be overseeing matches here on Castilex but the three teams were welcome ‘to beat the Brymstone out of each other’ using whatever stipulations they wanted. There would be no suspensions for actions here on Castilex but they’d doubled elsewhere in the GWF.

Before the hologram vanished, Deva announced that managers could be at ringside here on Castilex but not in the regular GWF and that she had personally scheduled the matches for this first card but future ones would be up to Vizir, The Dark Menace and Massif to work out.

In the opening match, an Aethran Soldier used a diving head butt to beat Moog in a strong statement for the returning Gladiators – ★★★ – This match was long and drawn out as these two went at it.

After the bell Gryt, via remote connection, asked The Dark Menace where the Gladiators had been and when he had patched things up with them. The Dark Menace snarled and told him it was, “none of a welp’s business’ and that tonight the Gladiators would let their actions speak for themselves.

Killer Queen II shocked Bulldoze with a cross body block out of nowhere – ★★★★ – A super competitive match and Killer Queen II’s victory shows just how far she’s come since her rookie year. A solid win for The Liberators

Gladiators (Siege & Fist) beat Sovereign when Siege hit Exo-King II with the AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ★ – Dominant victory here by Fist and Siege who have completely dominated every tag team in the GWF. If The Battle of Castilex was settled by this match, The Gladiators could declare victory.

Storm beat Catfight with VICTORY LAP – ★★★★ – This was a wild one that saw Massif interfere at one point and get ejected. After the match, the official said Massif was ejected for the rest of the night! Shocking!

Sentinel beat Havoc after hitting him with NIGHTWATCH three times in a row to score a victory for The Foundation – ★★★★★ – What a match! Sentinel showed perhaps he would be a solid singles wrestler in this Match of the Year candidate.

In the Main Event, Apex crushed Monolith with APEX OF GLORY – ★★ – Monolith was off his game for sure here. Apex destroyed him.

After the bell, with Apex standing over Monolith, The Dark Menace crowed that The Gladiators were back and the Battle of Castilex was as good as over!

Battle For Castilex Standings*
The Gladiators – 4-1
The Liberators – 1-2
The Foundation – 1-3

*Promoter Note: I’m just keeping these for fun. They have no significant meaning other than tracking which team has the most wins.