Card 488 from Maxus Trinary Towers, Auriga. July 12, 2138

The arena was only one quarter full of fans when Deva made her way to the ring. She welcomed everyone and said that the meteor storms really wreaked havoc with the GWF travel plans and only a small handful of wrestlers were able to make it to the venue. Despite that, she promised a big night of action that would have title ramifications going forward. Before the opening match, she invited all the fans to ignore the seat numbers on their tickets and fill in all the available seating around ringside.

In a Tirion Triple Threat Match where the winner would get a title shot at the Galaxian Women’s Championship, Lady Grand Master beat Catfight with HEROINE’S JOURNEY. Scorn was also in the match but was knocked out when the fall happened – ★★★ – Lady Grand Master with a big win that will give her a shot against Taichi in an upcoming card.

Deva then announced that tonight we’d have a four man Cosmic Storm Tournament where the winner would get a title shot for any title he chose. The competitors: Mr. Everything, Orrus, Tank and Demon Godsend.

1. Orrus beat Demon Godsend with the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – ★
2. Orrus used the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM to beat Mr. Everything – ★★★★
3. Orrus beat Demon Godsend with brutal Evolution Elbows – ★ – Demon Godsend eliminated.
4. Tank caught Orrus with the PEACEMAKER SLINGSHOT – ★★
5. Orrus got his win back against Tank with the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – ★★★★ – Incredible match!
6. Tank eliminated Orrus with a perfect cross body block in a Match of the Year Candidate – ★★★★★ – Orrus eliminated!
7. Mr. Everything eliminated Tank with IMPRESSIVE to win the tournament and get a title shot for any title he chooses – ★★ – The fans were not happy with this and some fans have started turning on Deva saying she rigged the randomization of the tournament to give Mr. Everything fewer matches and longer rest times. She denied this to Gryt.

In the Main Event, Siege destroyed Havoc in record time – ★★ – If Havoc would have won, he would have gotten a Galaxian Tag Team Championship title shot with a partner of his choosing. Siege made sure that didn’t happen.

What a night of action!

Promoter Note: I wanted to give myself a booking challenge in booking a card with just a limited number of wrestlers and forgetting feuds and the like, for one night. All the wrestlers who appeared were chosen completely at random and the matches/stipulations made on the fly. It was a fun challenge and led to some amazing matches. Wouldn’t do it all the time, but would work it in again to keep things fresh.