Card 487 from Olympus Mons Acropolis, Mars. July 5, 2138.

The show began with Deva addressing the news surrounding the meteor storms forecasted to pummel Auriga, where the GWF’s next card, 488, is scheduled to take place. She said she is monitoring the situation and will make a decision once the date draws closer.

Elina beat Bloody Marry via disqualification when Marry refused to stop choking her with her veil – ★★★ – Bloody Marry was more vicious in this match than we’ve ever seen her, if that’s possible. She’s determined to take out all of Taichi’s friends until she can get a rematch for the title.

The Basilisk absolutely destroyed Faller mercifully putting him away after a, surprising, perfect cross body block from the top rope – SQUASH – Faller was a bloody mess after this, unable to stand under his own power. Lord Nexus rushed ringside to help him.

Zulfiqar beat Perfect Specimen with CRY “NINKARAK” – ★★ – This match came about because of comments Perfect Specimen made to the press after Titan Power won the Interplanetary Championship. His quote was, “The New Vibe is too new to be fighting for titles.” Zulfiqar stepped up to defend his teammate and did so very well.

A match between The Natives and Titan Samurai ended in a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION when Blood and Fire stormed the ring and laid out both teams – DUD – Though they attacked both teams, Burning Man and Count Necros seemed to focus on Titan Samurai. Are they the ‘new targets’ they spoke of on card 486?

In a wild Main Event, a Milky Way Falls Count Anywhere Match, Shayne put Grand Master away with SHOWDOWN thanks to Shayne’s Fury – ★★★★ – A decisive victory for Shayne who was in control the majority of the match.

After the match, Shayne grabbed a floating camera and yelled, “Monolith. I’ll go through every top contender until I reclaim what’s mine.”