Card 486 from Tirion Sports Palace, Tirion. June 28, 2138

The show began with Murtak headed to the ring waving The Conquerer’s flag. He said that his team has had their problems but they are all back now at 100% and it’s a fresh page. The fans let him have it.

Istar dispatched Murtak with a LIGHTNING ROLL UP – ★ – For all his bluster, Murtak got in some solid offense and made Istar work for the victory.

Scorn beat Sinful with WESTERN LASSO – ★ – Quick victory. After the match, Scorn thanked Elina, Catfight and Taichi for helping her ‘get her head straight.’ She thanked the fans for sticking with her and promised big things in the weeks to come.

Blood and Fire crushed The Natives when Burning Man pinned Ygorr after EXHAUSTION – SQUASH – Dominant victory. Count Necros told Gryt that Blood and Fire has a new target in their sights and that target will be revealed soon.

In a Grudge Match resulting from The Reckoning, Saber beat Tempest with SONIC WAVE – ★★★ – This feud has bubbled up again. After the bell, Tempest challenged Saber to a match where he didn’t have his sword at ringside. Will Saber accept? He left without comment here.

In the Main Event, FDF Tradition made short work of Evolved when Climber pinned Tarval after FDF TRADITION – ★ – Climber and Tank were the epitome of tag team wrestling here, not giving any offense and picking up the win in decisive fashion.