2138.480 – Stormfront

Card 480 Stormfront from Auriga Chariot Hippodrome, Auriga. May 17, 2022

Titan Power used HANGING JUDGE to beat The Basilisk in a huge win –  – After the match, Titan Power told Gryt, “Hardcore, technical, brawling— doesn’t matter the style, I can wrestle it an win.” Deva was extremely pleased with this victory and added, “You’ll be seeing Titan Power challenging for gold soon.”

Zulfiqar used CRY “NIKARAK” in a bloody match against Perfect Specimen – ★★★★ – A decisive win for Zulfiqar here. Perfect Specimen got in some offense and was able to kick out of several pinning combinations, but this was a dominant showing for Zulfiqar who left as soon as his hand was raised.

As Perfect Speciman collected himself in the ring, Deva told him, “Spec, you often seem to come up short in big matches like this one. Maybe you need a little time in the Spotlight.”

In a lead in to the FDF vs The Conquerers Battlezone match, Elina pinned Kralla after a missed turnbuckle charge – ★★★ – The crowd loved this! Commander Sam rushed ringside to celebrate with Elina. Kralla was furious. Elina told Gryt, “This is just the start! You’re going to see the FDF victorious tonight! The Conquerers are done!

Battlezone Match
The Conquerors (SaberEpochTharkas & Murtak) d. FDF (HelSinTempestClimber & Tank) – ★★★★★ – This was a wild one! After the first two wins, the fans were certain it’d be a FDF sweep! But then Saber won. And just kept winning. A star making performance for Saber to be sure.
Order of Falls:

  1. HelSin pinned Epoch quickly after the EQUALIZER.
  2. HelSin got a countout victory over Tharkas after a hurricanrana outside the ring.
  3. Saber shocked HelSin with an Elite Smash.
  4. Saber tore Tempest down with a SABER CHOP.
  5. Saber again used the SABER CHOP to beat Climber.
  6. Saber used SONIC WAVE to beat Tank and win the match for The Conquerers.

After the bell, Kralla came ringside to celebrate the win and so did Murtak who, even though he did nothing, acted as if he’d just won the Galaxian Title. Kralla announced a new era of dominance from The Conquerers. Time will tell if that comes to pass.

Bloody Marry beat Killer Queen II with UNHOLY MATRIMONY to win the Galaxian Women’s Championship – ★★★ – Killer Queen’s most dominant run to date comes crashing down at the hands on Bloody Marry. Deva rushes the ring to award the title to Bloody Marry. Reaction in the crowd is mixed. Bloody Marry took the title and left without comment.

Deva then introduced the two competitors for the Main Event, Galaxian Champion Monolith and challenger Mr. Everything. She said she searched the roster for someone who would call the match straight down the middle and there was only one man who could do that it took some wrangling and some negotiations, but that man agreed and that man is…Shayne!

As Shayne made his ring, Mr. Everything looked uneasy and Monolith seemed non-plussed.

In a shocking finish, Mr. Everything beat Monolith for the Galaxian Championship when Monolith shoved Shayne and Shayne leveled the champion with a fist to the face! Mr. Everything covered and a quick 3 count later, we had a new champion – ★★★ – Deva and Mr. Everything celebrated as Shayne left the ring. Monolith was slow to his feet but clearly enraged.

Vizir the Elder rushed to the ring and began arguing with Deva but she told him they’d discuss it later. The GWF has a new Galaxian Champion and many are wondering exactly were the ‘negotiations’ between Deva and Shayne?