Card 2138.479 from Dione Saturndome, Saturn. May 10, 2138

Death Knight II & Demon Godsend beat The Natives when Death Knight II covered Krud after I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – ★★ – Demon Godsend and Death Knight pick up the victory but it seems they aren’t quite ready to be teammates yet. THere’s clearly not enough trust there. They left separately.

Sinful made short work of Hyla beating her with a diving crossbody – ★

Titan Samurai crushed Blood and Fire when Azuma leveled Burning Man with a TITAN DROP – ★★

Evolved beat the debut team of HelSin & Istar via DQ when the action moved to the arena floor and HelSin leveled Tarval with a chair – ★ – All four man brawled after the bell and had to be separated by security.

In the Main Event, Gladiators (Siege & Fist) retained the Galaxian Tag Team Championship of FDF Tradition when Siege smashed Climber with the AETHRAN CRIPPLER – SQUASH – There was no competition here for Siege and Fist. They have beaten every other team in the GWF and several of them many times. They left without word or celebration.