Card 478 from Oberon Civic Center, Uranus. May 3, 2138

Catfight crushed Sinful with FELINE FURY in a quick match – SQUASH

Castilex beat FDF Tradition when Sentinel covered Tank after a missed turnbuckle charge – ★★ – Hard hitting match between these two. After the match, Vizir the Elder appeared and demanded Castilex get a title shot against The Gladiators.

Lady Grand Master beat Scorn with HEROINE’S JOURNEY – ★★★★ – After the match, Scorn started to spiral again and Lady Grand Master offered her hand. Scorn took it and left with Lady Grand Master to the cheers of the crowd. Perhaps with Lady Grand Master’s help, Scorn can get the help she needs.

Death Knight II shocked Exo-King II with I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – ★ – Big come from behind win. After the match, Death Knight II told Gryt he didn’t want anything to do with The Liberators.

Deva came out and announced that Mr. Everything would get his rematch for the Galaxian Championship against Monolith on card 480. She said to ensure Monolith didn’t behave as he had before, she will assign a special guest referee to the match and will be announcing who that will be right before the match! The Galaxy awaits to see who it is. Will Deva be fair with her pick or will she stack the deck against Monolith?!

In the Main Event, an Earth Bullwhip Match for the Interplanetary Championship, Shayne retained the title when he went into Shayne’s Fury and covered Havoc after SHOWDOWN – ★★★★ – This was a hell of a match that saw Havoc gain control of the bullwhip and use it over and over on Shayne.

After the match, Shayne told Gryt, “Even though the Bullwhip Match is my match, I don’t need to use the Bullwhip to win.” Shayne is now just 4 cards away from tying his Galaxian Championship reign in length of cards held.