Card 477 from Praesepe Tower, Cancer. April 26, 2138

Kralla crushed Hyla with a CENTRA SPINEBUSTER – SQUASH – This was short and decisive. After her victory, Kralla told Gryt that she is now the de facto leader of The Conquerers and the GWF better be prepared for a new reign of domination.

Zulfiqar leveled Demon Godsend with CRY ‘NINKARAK’ in a quick match – SQUASH – Deva was incredibly please with Zulfiqar’s performance and told Gryt that Zulfiquar may be getting a title shot soon.

Castilex crushed Titan Samurai when Sentinel covered Kenji after NIGHTWATCH – SQUASH – Moog and Sentinel cut the ring in half and didn’t allow Kenji to tag out at all. After the bell, Vizir the Elder came to ringside and demanded a title shot for Castilex.

Bloody Marry dominated Taichi with UNHOLY MATRIMONY – ★★ – Deva, who’d come ringside to ‘observe’ not ‘manage’ said Bloody Mary should be receiving a title shot soon.

The Basilisk made incredibly short work of Grand Master, putting him away with a choke and slam – SQUASH – For the past few weeks, Grand Master had been trying to make amends to The Basilisk for his treatment in the past. The Basilisk, apparently, wants nothing to do with him.

In the Main Event, a Final Encounter Flare Bomb Match, FDF Tradition beat Blood and Fire when Tank covered Burning Man after Climber smashed him in the face with a Flare Bomb – ★★ – This one was wild and many Flare Bombs were thrown. Commander Sam’s men pick up the victory to seal off the feud with Blood and Fire.