Card 2138.476 from Mimas Spectrum, Saturn. April 19, 2138

The show started with The Dark Menace introducing his new Super Group – The Killers. Because of Deva’s rules that groups can’t come to the ring at the same time, he’s going to introduce them over the next few cards but tonight we’ll meet one of the singles wrestlers and one of the tag teams.

The Killers are from Parts Unknown. Though they are all different sizes and shapes, they all wear matching sleeveless body suits that are blood red. They wear blood red boots and blood red masks. It is near impossible to get any sense as to who they are. They do not speak.

The first one Dark Menace introduces is Plugger. A hulking brute who stalks to the ring to face Faller.

Plugger crushes Faller quickly, hitting his finisher PLUG FOR GLORY twice in a row – ★ – Dark Menace rushes to ringside, gloating. Gryt tries to get a word with Plugger but he’s shoved aside.

Dark Menace then introduces us to The Killer’s tag team – The Butchers! Two men, one large, the other leaner head to ringside dressed in red like the other Killer. Dark Menace gives no indication of any names for them. The announcers call them Butcher 1 and Butcher 2.

The Butchers beat The Natives when Butcher 2 hits Krud with a move called THE BUTCHER CRIPPLER – ★★ – Krud and Ygorr made a huge come back during this match and came close to winning! Once that happened and The Butchers were able to regain control the devastated The Natives!

After the bell, The Butchers continued beating on Krud! More Killers rant to ringside, Plugger whom we’ve seen before but also two, apparently, female wrestlers dressed identically. All five Killers began destroying the ringside area while Dark Menace laughed maniacally!

Deva rushed ringside and threatened suspensions! Dark Menace snapped his fingers and all five Killers stopped immediately and left the ring to stand next to Dark Menace. Medics rushed to attend to Krud while crews rushed to repair the damage. Krud was injured for 2 cards and Deva announced a 6 card suspension for The Killers.

What a debut!

HelSin beat Orrus via DQ when Orrus rammed HelSin repeatedly into the table outside the ring – ★★ – All match, Orrus had been tempting HelSin to hit the EQUALIZER on him but HelSin restrained himself. Orrus was determined to prove he could survive it. HelSIn wouldn’t give hi the satisfaction and took the win.

Istar picked up a DQ victory over Tarval when Tarval refused to stop choking Istar with his net – ★★★ – After the bell, Tarval continued to choke Istar! Orrus came out to join him in beating down the newcomer. Suddenly, HelSin appeared and saved Istar fighting off both Orrus and Tarval till Istar could join the fray! Deva singed a tag match between the four men on a future card.

Titan Power picked up a huge victory over Perfect Specimen in an incredibly competitive match, winning with a tornado kick – ★★★★★ – Perfect Specimen was out to prove a point but Titan Power proved one of his own!

After the match, Titan Power told Gryt, “Now that I’ve beaten all the Titans have to offer, I think it’s time I set my sights on some gold.”

In the Main Event, a 2 out of 3 Falls Titan Death Match, Tempest beat Murtak in two straight falls to exile Murtak for 4 cards – ★★★ – Saber interfered during the second fall but was sent from ringside by the ref!

Order of Falls:
– Tempest beat Murtak with a tornado DDT
– Tempest beat Murtak with LOW TIDES

As Tempest left, he told Gryt, “I’ve exiled all the members of The Conquerers except Saber. And Saber, you’re next!” Murtak threw a big tantrum and refused to leave the ring, clinging to a turnbuckle post as the show went off the air.