Card 2138.475 from Eureka Asteroid Arena, Eureka Asteroid, Mars. April 12, 2138

Before the opening match, Murtak came out irate about Epcoh and Tharkas being Exiled! He made the announcement that if he could not beat Tempest tonight he would self-exile himself ‘to be with his friends Epoch and Tharkas.’

Tempest and Murtak brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION when their match spilled outside the ring – ★★ – Murtak brought he fight to Tempst! Tempest was looking to end things quick but the action tumbled ringside and things devolved from there. Neither man would listen to the ref. Technically, Murtak didn’t beat Tempest. Is he now exiled?

Burning Man beat Tank using Blinding Smoke before tossing him in the coffin in a brutal Centra Coffin Match – ★★★★★ – After the bell, Burning Man set the coffin on fire but Climber and Commander Sam ran to ringside to save Tank before any damage was done.

Killer Queen II retained the Galaxian Women’s Championship with a flying knee drop in a Match of the Year candidate against Scorn – ★★★★★ – Both women absolutely brought it in this match and the fans were on their feet the whole time. After the match, both women stared at each other. Killer Queen offered her hand but Scorn left without shaking it. Just an impressive match.

Havoc beat Shayne via DQ when Shayne hit havoc with a horseshoe while brawling outside the ring in a match for the Interplanetary Championship – ★★★★ – More and more, Shayne is reverting to his rule-breaking ways in this match against Havoc and it was only a matter of time before the ref gave the match to Havoc. Shayne retains.

There was speculation as to whether The Gladiators would show up tonight but Siege and Fist did. Noticeably absent was The Dark Menace who has sworn off managing the Aethrans any longer.

Gladiators (Siege & Fist) beat Titan Samurai when Fist used a surprise roll-up to pin Kenji to retain the Galaxian Tag Team Championship – ★★★ – This was a must win for Siege and Fist and they did. They left the ring without statement despite Gryt following them to their cruiser.

Before the Main Event, Deva ruled that Vizir the Elder could accompany Monolith to the ring but since this wasn’t a ‘Battle for Castilex’ match, he was made to sit in a chair at ringside and threatened with a DQ if he got involved.

In the Main Event for the Galaxian Championship, Mr. Everything beat Monolith via DQ when Monolith smashed Mr. Everything with CATASTROPHE on the arena floor – ★★ – Monolith retains the title despite the loss. Mr. Everything fared much better in this match than in the last encounter between these two.

After the match, Deva told Gryt she was considering making wrestlers who are involved in the Battle for Castilex ineligible for titles. Especially if they wrestle as brutally as Monolith. She’s convinced Monolith’s ‘fog of war’ was responsible for his brutal actions against Mr. Everything. Time will tell if Deva carries through with her threat and what would that mean for Monolith’s title?