Card 2138.474 from Eunomia Events Centre, Asteroid Belt. April 5, 2138

Istar & Titan Power d. Saber & Tharkas when Titan Power hit Saber with HANGING JUDGE – ★★ – Saber kept attempting to tag out but Tharkas refused screaming, “I have a match later in the night!!” This was a two on one affair and Saber just couldn’t find any offense.

Tarval beat Faller with DEATH TRAP – ★ – After the match, Tarval trapped Faller in his net and began beating on him! He said, he was going to cut him up for bait to capture The Basilisk. Titan Samurai ran to make the save, chasing Tarval and untangling Faller.

Burning Man and Necros made their way to ringside, telling Gryt that Burning Man was 100% and they would have their revenge against FDF Tradition and challenged them to a Centra Coffin Match to “end things once and for all.”

Blood and Fire struggled to beat The Natives when Burning Man finally got a win over Ygorr with a cross body block – ★★★ – FDF Tradition was watching this match from the crowd and laughing at how long it took Blood and Fire to put The Natives away. After the match, Climber told Gryt they’d gladly accept Blood and Fire’s challenge and will put them away for good.

Castilex beat Sovereign in two straight falls in a 2 out of 3 Falls match – ★★★ – Exo-King II and Grand Master put up some good offense, but the veteran Castilex were just too powerful. Vizir the Elder crowed, “With the Gladiators humiliated, and our victory here, The Foundation can now claim total victory for Castilex!”

Order of Falls:
Sentinel beat Grand Master with NIGHTWATCH
Sentinel beat Grand Master with NIGHTWATCH

Catfight easily beat Sinful with FELINE FURY – ★

In the Main Event, Tempest used HIGH TIDES to easily beat Tharkas in a Titan Death Match – ★★★ – As per the stipulations, Tharkas and Epoch are exiled for 5 cards! As Tharkas ranted and Tempest celebrated, Murtak rushed the ring and attacked Tempest from behind! He challenged Tempest to a match yelling, “How dare you exile all my friends!!!”