Card 2138.473 from Nereid Starplex, Neptune. March 29, 2138

In addition to a great night of action, the entire galaxy has been buzzing with the news that after the events on Card 472, The Dark Menace has apparently left the Gladiators! The show began with a brief clip of the statement The Dark Menace had sent to the press.

Dark Menace: It has become increasingly clear that the Gladiators are no longer capable of achieving our mutual goals. I have already begun looking for a new team and will debut them soon.

In our opener, Scorn used a sleeper suplex to beat Kralla – ★ – A win for Scorn but she’s still spinning her wheels aimlessly in the GWF. Many speculate she may not be long for the fed.

Death Knight II had a little trouble but was finally able to dispatch Murtak with I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – ★ – During this match, Vizir the Elder was seen watching the action. He’s been vocal about Death Knight II renouncing his ‘fake name’ and joining The Foundation. So far, Death Knight has made no comment on this offer.

Demon Godsend made short work of Faller, pinning him with COVER OF DARKNESS – ★ – When interviewed by Gryt after the match, Demon Godsend commented, ”To prove I no longer need Godsend or Gran Master or whatever he is to be called, I will win the Interplanetary Championship!”

FDF Tradition was able to easily handle The Natives when Tank covered Krud after FDF TRADITION – ★ – As FDF Tradition waved to the crowd after the match, the ring was suddenly surrounded by fire! It turned out to just be a holographic projection but the source is still unknown.

Tharkas came out to be interviewed by Deva on The Spotlight. He ranted and raved about The Conquerers plans to dominate the GWF and made special mention of the ‘slippery, disgusting’ Tempest who had exiled Epoch. He vowed revenge! Tempest came out to object and a brawl broke out! Once security settled things, Deva announced a special match on Card 474, a Titan Death Match between Tharkas and Tempst. If Tharkas wins, Epoch may return from his exile immediately and Tempest would have to face Tharkas and Epoch in a handicapped match. If Tempest wins, not only would Tharkas be Exiled for 5 Cards, 5 additional cards would be added to Epoch’s Exile. Tempest agreed immediately. Tharkas contemplated for a few minutes but then agreed!

In the Main Event, Saber beat Istar via pinfall with several SABER CHOPs in a row – ★★ – After the match, Saber continued to chop Istar bringing out Titan Power. This brought out Tharkas and all four men brawled.

Deva ended the show booking a tag match for Card 474! Titan Power & Istar vs. Tharkas & Saber! When Tharkas argued he already had a match booked, Deva told him he’d have to pull double duty! Tharkas stomped around the ring as the show went off the air.